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Azolla beds Observation- While growin Azolla the pH in the beds got high( pH level of 9, whileAzolla requires pH levels in between 5.5-7.5), and Azolla stopped growing and started drying out. During this time only one bed out of...

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Hydrophonics (maize)

LOD (Loss On Drying) Loss on Drying refers to the wter holding capacity of Maize plant. I.e the percentage of water in total composition of maize. Various experiments were performed to test the LOD of the Maize grown. LOD...

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Black soldier fly

Introduction:- The Black soldier Flies are sleek looking that many confuse with a Wasp. However like most flies, the Black Soldier Flies only have two wings (Wasp has four)and does not possess a stinger. Although the loud...

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