In DIC Vigyan ashram give few fellowships for selected students. Fellow is the graduate person with experience or he can be a fresher. He will be selected through interview and will get some stipend after 2 or less month of joining the DIC. People who are enthusiastic and passionate about technology, making, innovating are get selected as a fellow; they must have zeal of learning.

DIC fellow / research assistants work :

  • To work on rural technology development project in the areas of food processing, agriculture, water & waste management, product design and sensors technology.
  • Project will be selected based on the need of the society.
  • Details can be found on or  .
  • A full time commitment where the candidate has to work at DIC everyday, 6 days per week.
  • Participate in the projects of DIC faculty members.
  • Participate in the social life of Vigyan Ashram

Benefits to Fellows / R&D Assistant  :

  • Practical hands on experience in real life environment.
  • To learn skills and design software/ digital fabrication
  • They will learn practical aspects of design and innovation under mentorship of experts.
  • You can enroll for DIC exam from Pune University by paying exam fees. You can get certificate from Pune University.
  • All support to incubate your own enterprise.
  • Opportunity to learn by doing various hands on assignment.
  • Opportunity to get fellowship for socially relevant R&D projects.

We encourage and will support fellows to incubate their own enterprise based on their innovation that will be developed while working in Vigyan Ashram. We are looking for fellows with entrepreneurship zeal.