Vigyan ashram has Plasma Cutter of Victor Thermal Dynamics make. The model is CutMaster A40. It was single phase 40 Amps plasma cutter for all metals. The capacity of the machine was to cut 0.3mm to 5 mm of steel sheet and up to 7 mm aluminum. I use plasma intensively for my projects. We bought the machine from RVS Technologies, Pune.

Back in September 2018 while I was cutting aluminum for Dome Dryer. The plasma cutter stopped working. After thorough inspection by Maintenance team of RVS technologies. In this inspection we were able to find out that one of the IC failed due to which the machine was stand still for last 4 months.

Within last four months the machine was thoroughly inspected for additional problems at RVS Technologies and further sent to Victor Thermal dynamics plant at Kolkata. There was a very prolonged delay in maintenance process. Frequent feedback calls were taking place within me and RVS Technology and RVS and Victor Thermal Dynamics.

Later after the maintenance is now complete, we received a Brand new machine in replacement of the original with 3 years on extended warranty. The Installation team from RVS Technologies delivered the machine to Pabal today in afternoon. The machine was successfully installed but trials could not take place as 3 Phase supply was not present.

The trials will be conducted later on tonight when 3 phase supply will be available. The Installation team is supposed to call me at night and I will conduct the trial here at Pabal.

To be continued…