LOD (Loss On Drying)

Loss on Drying refers to the wter holding capacity of Maize plant. I.e the percentage of water in total composition of maize.

Various experiments were performed to test the LOD of the Maize grown.

LOD trial 1-

LOD Trial1

Conclusion of Trial 1-

  • LOD weight= 11.42%
  • This shows that the Maize plant was processing sunlight and performing Photosynthesis.

LOD Trial 2-

In this trial the growth of two Maize plants grown under different conditions were tested. First Maize was placed under sunlight and Second plant was kept under shade.

LOD Trial 2

Conclusion LOD Trial 2- 

  • LOD of First tray is 10.41% (total of 67 plants were used for test)
  • LOD of Second tray is 11.35% (total of 50 plants were used for test)
  • Thus the second tray which was kept under shade performed well.
First Tray(under sunlight)
Second Tray(under shade)

Further Developments-

  • New construction of Hydroponics is underway.
  • The new site is being constructed keeping the flaws of previous site in mind, the floor has been designed to keep the flow of sprayed and wated water to collect and be reused.
New site for Hydroponics.