DIC stands for Design Innovation Center. This new program has been initiated and funded by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) under the scheme “National Initiative for setting up of Design Innovation Centers, Open Design School & National Design Innovation Network”.

Savitribai Phule Pune University is one of the first organizations to participate in the scheme, acting as a DIC hub. In collaboration with Vigyan Ashram, a DIC ‘spoke center’ has been started at Pabal. This website represents the structure and content of the Vigyan Ashram DIC (VADIC).

A brief overview of DIC

DIC will incubate ideas which are useful for society. Efforts will be made to convert these ideas into products. Requirement of users will be taken into account from the conceptualization of idea to making final products.

DIC wants to promote culture of design at college level. Our rural areas are facing with various development problems. These problems are great opportunities for creative minds. DIC aims at training youth to taken on these challenges and come out with useful solutions.
how DIC works

Focus areas of DIC

DIC @ Vigyan Ashram focuses on following areas:

  1. Agriculture
  2. Sensors technology
  3. Computer graphics and product design
  4. Environment and Watershed management

More details can be found here.


Who can join DIC program?

DIC is open for all individuals with prior permission and training. If you have a great idea or you are looking for technical solution for common problem facing society, DIC @ Vigyan Ashram is perfect place for you. You can enroll by contacting us directly here.

Functioning of DIC

DIC functions though projects and design courses. These design courses offers students to learn ‘Design approach’ by ‘Learning while doing’.
how DIC plan

Benefits of DIC courses

  1. Students will learn practically and can acquire more skills
  2. Students can develop their own firm
  3. There will be more job opportunities due to acquired skills
  4. Opportunity to work with industrial entrepreneur

Current projects @ DIC

Currently projects ranging from prosthetic hands, 3d printed legs to fencing system for protecting crops from wild boars are being worked upon. Each of these projects is being spearheaded by either a student or a Vigyan Ashram staff member and further details can be found on the respective member pages.