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DIC Update 2018-19

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Carbon cycle

around 98% energy which we use is coming from the sun.If we see then water cycle and wind flow is...

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Got Extension for DIC

Yeeeeh Yupee ….. DIC scheme got extended till March 2020. (Now lots of things to prove.__Dr.Yogesh Kulkarni)

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Vertical versus horizontal thought process

vertical thought process is in the direction of research it is mainly done by scientists and engineers and horizontal thought process is in the direction of  product  it is mainly done by public like economist and politician...

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Discussion on QFD

Presented by- Dr. Arun Dixit QFD- Helps for converting VOC to technical terms You can download presentation here QFD Click here to know why to use QFD Click here to know how to use QFD

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Regular classes @ DIC on Mondays

Regular classes have begun for some time at DIC. These are held on Mondays. The following is the flow of these meetings: Review of work done by each member in the previous week. A healthy brainstorming session between the...

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