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ALOEVERA PAK Index Ingredients Steps Process Introduce of Product Developer Ingredients Aloe...

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Oxygen Concentrator.

Requirement of oxygen concentrator. Due to covid 19 not only India but the world is facing problems while treating peoples. The major issues faced are not having facility to treat this much amount of patient, not having enough...

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Garden Tree Aeroponics Prototype

1. Introduction After arriving here at Vigyan Ashram, I was given the project of Aeroponics. At that time I didn’t know anything about Aeroponics. So how do you approach a project about something you are a total stranger...

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Incinerator for medical waste

Requirements A personal waste disposal machine for sanitary napkins, adult and child diapers. Current technology Sanitary Napkin incinerator from Vigyan Ashram can burn only sanitary napkins. Adult and child diapers have more...

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Sal leaf molding machine

Client: Gram Vikas, Odisha (Ms. Nikita  Pipalia) Original innovation: sal leaf plate machine Problems: The original idea uses burning charcoal on 5mm thick aluminium dies that are used to hot press Sal leaves into a dining plate...

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