After 18 successful trails on Dome Dryer version 2.0, we want to scale up and install dryer in different locations. One dryer is required for dehydrating Ragi (Nachni) in the area of Bhimashankar, near Pune.

During the trials led by Girija Waldode at Vigyan Ashram we came across some modifications needed in the design. Data is available at link below.

Here Girija was end user of the dryer. She was loading and unloading the dryer every 3rd day. During this process, Girija’s observations were as followed.

  • The tray was very bulky and heavy to handle for one person. (Girija took help of student)
  • For accessing the final tray all trays needed to be lifted.
  • Lifting the dome was also a crucial process.

Discussing with Girija, we came up with different ideas to reduce the efforts without affecting functionality of system.

For this one of the ideas we finalized was to cut the trays into small parts which can slide at respective places. Below are some sketches representing the new concept. CAD designs for this concept will come in next blog.