Client: Gram Vikas, Odisha (Ms. Nikita  Pipalia)

Original innovation: sal leaf plate machine

Problems: The original idea uses burning charcoal on 5mm thick aluminium dies that are used to hot press Sal leaves into a dining plate form. The problem is that 5mm thick aluminium is costly to make, unless made in large quantities. The requirement for this machine is however not so much.

Constraints: Aluminium must be used due to its fast heating and uniform heat distribution.

Possible solutions:

  • Cut 2/3mm thick milk aluminium vessel on the rim. Weld 2/3mm aluminium plate to it and make a die.
  • Use steel plates: This idea was already tried by the original innovators. However, steel is not a good conductor of heat and therefore the results were less than satisfactory.
  • For male part of the die, use aluminium thick gauge plate for carrying the charcoal. For the female part of the die, make it out of cement.

Other applications: This could be used to make tea cups from local leaves instead of using plastic or paper cups.