A personal waste disposal machine for sanitary napkins, adult and child diapers.

Current technology

  • Sanitary Napkin incinerator from Vigyan Ashram can burn only sanitary napkins. Adult and child diapers have more wetness and therefore can not be burnt as easily. Also the sizes are large.
  • No personal incenirator available for baby and adult diapers.
  • Inceinerators have no asthetic appeal and look plan bad.

Outcomes of current technology in India

  • Landfills
  • Drainage are blocked.
  • Local garbage gets accumulated by such wastes and may pollute the area with diseases, etc.
  • People have to dispose off in public, and thus privacy is an issue.


  • Make a drying stage that dries the diapers/napkins of water.
  • Make a final sparking stage that lights the dry waste. This will also ensure that very less smoke is produced. Thus, the chamber should be designed for complete combustion with minimal fumes.
  • Use of fan that aids drying and then complete combustion.
  • Make an elegant design.