Originally this project is not my project, it is Tejaswini Patil project.

I am providing the link below:-http://vadic.vigyanashram.blog/2022/06/20/hydroponics-3/embed/#?secret=C63bpxLi6r#?secret=gHjwNu96h5

So i was asked to move the whole system to the polyhouse, there were reasons for doing so:-

  1. It was shifted to polyhouse during exhibition so all hydroponic system could be explained at a single place,I had to explain this system during exhibition.
  2. Proper maintenance was not given to the system the leaves were turning yellow.
  3. Regular nutrients were not added.

So i had to dismental the system and then shift it part by part to the polyhouse, i shifted it system to the polyhouse and started it again.

I took care and explained the system during exhibition.

I also added nutrition in it:-

Nutrient solution :- For 30 lit

K2SO4 2.25 gm

MgSO4 1.9 gm

NH3 1.6 gm

H3PO4 3.7 gm

Putting all the electrical connection properly and starting the motor so that plants gets nutrients.

then this project we pass to someone else.

But I got to learn so many things from this experience:-

  1. How Flood and Drain system works.
  2. How to prepare nutrient solution for plants.
  3. Learn more about hydroponic systems.
  4. why are brick pieces use in this system.

I had great experience and lot of learning for this work.

2nd Activity


I brought tomato plants from Davadi Nimgaon that are needed for hydroponic system

Placing tomato crops into bowls with cocopeat & arrange their properly.

Arrange tomato plants


Plants which are placed in bowls with cocopeat need maintenance & watering them us necessary for plants life.

Watching the video and discuss with Suvarna mam about which pump selection for hydroponic system?

3 pumps are required for 3 different layer hydroponic system & I went to the village and ordered two pumps.

because, 1 pump are available in chemistry lab & To take Permission to use that pump was taken from the Sonal Mam.