I got the problem from Madhuban Kitchen Express, Ranjangaon. Madhuban Kitchen Express is a company which provides catering services and food to other companies like Kirloskar and others. Where they have up to 300 kg of food waste and kitchen waste is remaining. So we have to work on this problem and give a solution. This waste contains 90% water and while experimenting we found that it has a very fast drying rate. This kitchen waste is very hard for handling and decomposing. So we have to set different batches and to test at what percent it decomposes.

We need 3 main factors for decomposing any food waste or kitchen waste.

  1. Mixing with Culture
  2. Moisture Percentage
  3. Aeration

We make one domestic unit to test this type of kitchen waste. We have tested food waste in different batches and different types according to moisture percentage.


We have processed their waste every week.

We have designed one composter model which will decompose up to 300 kg food waste.

Solidworks Design file:-


After considering the factor of safety and other consideration we have started fabricating this model.

This model looks like:-


Now we have to take a trial on this unit. For this trial we need waste. In Vigyan ashram, we don’t have this huge amount of vegetable or food scrap. So we collected vegetable scrap from local market of Pabal. We collected up to 90 kg of vegetable scrap for testing this unit.

We have taken a trial on this model up to maximum capacity. We have tested actual vegetable scrap for proper mixing. We have successfully tested 30 kg vegetable scrap with 20 kg composting culture in this model.

Trial Video of this model:-

Unloading of waste from this model video:-

After this trial we found some issues that have to be solved for field trials:-

1] Wearing of rubber

2] Vibrations of machine

3] Mixer broke(Through rod needs)

4] Motor Support

5] Deformation of Lid

6] Loose drive chain

7] Tie rod obtruding unloading

8] Height of the system required

9] Hopper Required

We have to solve these issues after that we can deliver a machine and can take trials on the visit

We have to resolve all the issues and modified the whole system.

After these modifications, we take a trial on the machine with 26 kg rock stones.

Trial Video:-

Madhuban Site Trial video:-

Unloading of Madhuban Model on site:-

Now the trial has taken and needed some changes for the next design. The new machine will be fabricated and will installed in Madhuban Kitchen Express.

This machine has shifted to next societies location for demonstrations.