DATE:25-28 july2023

we made manual system for gate opening and closing for vigyan ashram. in which we did :

  • New switches
  • new water tank
  • Two 35 hp water pump to lift gate
  • Bell with push switch
  • foam soft spoanch support for sound protection or jerks while oppening/closing.
  • new circuits with new box.
  • Shock absorber spring.
  • greasing


The system consists of two switches: one for lifting and the other for the gate bell. When the lifting switch is pressed, a water pump activates, filling the hanging jar at the back of the gate. This unbalances the gate, causing it to lift on one side due to the weight added by the water pump, resulting in the gate opening. Meanwhile, on the other side, a siphon effect on a motor slowly releases water from the closed jar into a container, gradually balancing the gate and causing it to close. There’s a bell button installed below the gate that rings when the gate is open, and it stops sounding as the gate reaches its closed position. This is how the gate operates