The main objective of grinding machine is to grind grains like wheat, millet, pearl millet. Wet Or Dry Pithi, Spices, Pulses .

working principal –

  • To make a low-speed grain grinding machine, we take a domestic hand grain grinding machine.
  • Also, take a 12V 1A wiper motor for an automatic transmission.
  • For automatic transmission of a grinding machine, we used the chain and sprocket transmission system.
  • In the hand grinding machine, we attached the large sprocket to the hand wheel.
  • Also, a small sprocket is attached to the wiper motor shaft.
  • The small sprocket has 14 teeth and large sprocket has 42 teeth.
  • To give base support to the grinding machine, we use the plywood with dimensions of 43cm*15cm.
  • Also to give a height to the grinding machine, we have to make a stand.
  • Stand dimensions are-43cm*15cm rectangular frame and height are 45cm.

Construction of stand-

  • First I make a design of stand on a solid-works.
  • Then I cut the L-shaped pipe with the given dimensions (43cm*15cm).
  • Then attached this L-shaped pipe with using Arc welding and make a base rectangular frame.
  •  Then cut the pipe to give the height for the stand.The height on the one side of the stand is 45cm and another side has attached the pipe with an angle of 120 degree with length 53 cm .
  • Then welded this pipe with given dimensions and angle .
  • To give a extra support for the stand I attached the pipe to the middle of the frame .
design of base
welding a parts of the base
welding a L-angle pipe for a support to the base
cutting a plywood using
Variable Speed Pendulum Jigsaw
3D sketch of grain grinder in solidworks

This grain grinder is operates using AC to DC converter.

Now I have to operated this grain grinder using solar energy .

The motor specification are-

Power-60 w

Current-5 A .

The power of the motor is 60 w for freeloading but for loading or while operating the grinding on grains. the grinder is not working and it becomes slow or stop the motor.

So I purchase the 60 w capacity one solar panel and 20 w capacity another two solar panel. So the total power is generated from the panel is 100 w.

I need a low voltage and high current. and for low voltage high current the connections of the panel are in parallel.

60 w solar panel
making connections of the solar panel

This grain grinder works on 100 w capacity. take a trial on wheat, sugar and on rice.