1. Lower efficiency of dryer

2. More cost of drying .


1. To increase the efficiency of microwave dryer by decreasing energy consumption .

2. To make the operation of dryer economically.

3. To decrease the drying cost and drying time.

4 . To suggest the pre dryer

Workdone –

1. To collect the all information about dryer and note down all problem related with dryer .

2. Name of dryer is ” Electromagnetic Infrared oven”

3. Dryer cost around 27 lakh and it’s bought from Rajkot , Gujrat .

4. Dryer having 3 divisions for drying first microwave and then it is goes through the second microwave oven. In both of these oven the outermost layer of the stuff get dried. Third oven called as infrared oven . In this oven inter most of the product dried .

5 . In this way whole product gets dried but the drying rate and no of rotation of the stuff oven the belt is depend on the moisture content of the particular product .

6. Oven having one belt which is run on about 3 hp motor and there is one blower which is run on 2 hp motor.

7. There are 2 magnetrons in first microwave oven and 1 magnetron in second oven. Each magnetrons is of 1.6kw

8. There are 8 heaters each of 1 kw.

9. Belt speed near about 1 to 50 rpm.

10. There are 2 timers and two temperature controllers out of which one controller indicates the temperature of whole unit .

11. There are current meters and one extra current meter is provided.

12. There are three phase indicators and one door indicator which indicates the whether the door is open or close . Two switches provided for heater 1 and heater 2 .

13. The magnetrons are related with the microwave oven and the heaters are related with Infrared oven .

14. We can dry almost 30 types of product on this dryer including beet , sweet potato , mint etc

Bottom line

1. Dryer uses large amount of energy to dry less amount of dryer

2. There is need to pre dryer and for drying solar dryer required

At vigyan ashram pabal

There are three types of solar dryer

1. Convection dryer

2. Aarti dryer

3. Dom dryer

4. heat pump dryer

1. We dry the different product in all four dryer and took their weight before drying , weight after drying and calculated the moisture loss from product for each dryer.

2. We compared all the readings of all these dryer and from these reading we are trying to decide which dryer is suitable as pre drying process is occurred
3. Firstly we are tested the bottle guard , beet , Tomato, raw mango , fig ,sweet potato, coriander, mint etc

4. We take the LOD (Loss of drying) of the product with intial moisture content.

5. After drying at various dryers at Vigyan Ashram, pabal we dried the same product in the ” microwave dryer” at nhavara.

6. We take the samples for LOD from oven 1 and oven 2 . We take the LOD for respective sample in microwave oven . We follow the same procedure for every product.