This is our first installation outside Vigyan ashram campus at Anandghana Industries. This is a Microwave drying plant. Anandghana Industries is located at Nhavra, a village 50 km East from Pune. They have a 16 Kwatt line type of Microwave dryer. Anandghana industries are old friends of Vigyan Ashram. They are selling powdres of vegetable fruit and ready ic recipes to the food industry.

We suggested them to pre-dry their product before using the microwave dryer in order to reduce their power consumptions. We gave them Solar dome Dryer as a pilot test.

We transported the dryer kit in Ranjeet Sir’s car as it was now easy to carry the prefabricated parts. After we reached me and Suraj Prajapati (DBRT fellow) started assembling the dryer. It took 5 hours for both of us to erect the dryer. Once erect the dryer was rigid and easy to move.

The Dryer kit includes Dome dryer with base, Tray structure, Trays and a 24 Volt 2 amps SMPS t drive the Exhaust fan and 24V Exhaust fan.

Since the Nhavra site already has a Solar grid installed we didn’t give Solar panels with this kit.