to get a fix amount of materials for a cow management for their health and milk production


we need to know how to manage cost in a cattle farming for that we need to learn that how to feed the cow scientifically so that the cow health , milk and cost does not get effected and the farmer can earn a good amount from cattle farming


There are two method for calculating the feed of cow

First technique [feed according to TDN]
1 weight of cow
2 fodder TDN
3 TDN value of cow and its milk
4 number of fodder i give to my cow per day
5 required TDN
6 weight of feed

second technique [according to dry matter]
1 concentrate
2 dry matter
3 green dicot plant
4 green monocot plant

First technique [feed according to TDN]

1 formula for weight of cow
A x B x B divide it by10400
A = is the length of cow from cow head to tale
B = is the wreath of cow stomach in round form

2 fodder TDN

fodderTDN %
maze 77
wheat bran65
dry bajara35
dry jawar 50
Napier 15
green jawar 12
green bajra17
Chana 76
lusern grass 12
silage 18

3 TDN value of cow and its milk=

1 kg = 10 gm TDN
1liter milk = 300 gm TDN
total TDN value = weight of cow be X and milk be Y then
10X + 300Y is total TDN

4 number of fodder given to cow per day=

number of fodder given to cow per day be Z

5 required TDN =
total TDN [xy] divided by no of feed Z
6 weight of feed =
100 X[ xy/z]divided by tdn in fodder


by this we get to know how much feed we need to give to my cow


by this method the cow does not get full digit and cow starve and the health decreases

second technique [according to dry matter]

let the weight of cow be X so
X x 3%
dry matter will brake into 2 parts
1 concentrate feed 25%(X3%)
2 feed 75%(X3%)
feed will brake into 2 parts
1 dry feed 25%
2 green feed 75%
green feed will brake down in to 2 parts
1dicot 25%
2monocot 75%
now after this we got what we need to feed to our cow
1 concentrate feed
2 dry feed
3 dicot green feed
4 monocot green feed


by this we get to know how much feed we need to give to my cow


by this method the cow will get too much feed more that it wanted and it will get wasted

so we need to mix them both and make our own diet plan
so how will we do it ?”

Date = 27 sep 2022


How to know the feed of a cow whose weight is 314 and milk is 6 liter and fat is 3 ?




314*10 = 3140

COW MILK * 300



Total TDN =4940

Total of feed given to cow

noavailable feedTDNDM
1Cotton seed cake7893
2Wheat bran6590
3Whole wheat8089
4Pea Coll8590
6Wheat dry straw5090

No of concentrate feed

4 concentrate feed

total TDN ÷ no of concentrate feed


Weight of feed

100 × 1235÷ TDN of fodder


123500÷ 78 = 1.5 cotton seed cake


123500÷65=1.9 wheat bran


123500÷80=1.5 whole wheat


123500÷85=1.4 pea Coll

To take out the green grass and dry feed

cow weight = 314

body weight = 314 × 3% = 9.42

9.42 × 25% = 2.35 concentrate and 9.42 ×75% = 7.065 feed

7.065 × 25% = 1.7 dry feed and green feed = 7.065×75 % = 5.2

now we will multiply 2 in dry feed and 5 in green feed

dry feed = 3 kg

Green feed =26 kg

we will put only 10 kg of green matter to maintain DM

To bring TDN and dry matter OF ALL THE FEED

multiply each feed TDN % separately

1Cotton seed cake1.51.231.477860
2Wheat bran1.91.231.71340 35
3Whole wheat1.51.231.3721030
4Pea Coll1.41.231.33454.5
6Wheat dry straw31.73.0610.230

In this way we got how to make a feed chart for a cow


by the help of total digestive nutrient and dry matter we are able to give the write amount of feed to the cow by the help of this we can easily see the financial and physical condition of our dairy farm