Presentation Referance


18th July, 2022 to 22th July, 2022


A level mechanism is used to open and close Vigyan Ashram’s main gate, which is IOT-based. Two tanks are present; one is positioned on the ground and the other is fixed to the gate’s rare end. Water is pumped as soon as the condition is met by a motor, which controls the water level.


I was given the assignment to identify and solve some issues with the gate.

    • To speed up the process of opening and closing the gate.

Problems Observed

    1. The main gate’s electronic system repeatedly resets whenever we activate the open gate or close gate commands.
    2. When attempting to connect to WiFi, the microcontroller [ESP 8266] encountered problems.


The relay in the previous circuit is directly connected to the V In pin, which, in my view, is causing a voltage drop in the ESP8266, which is connected to the power source of the cellphone charger with 5V, causing the ESP to reset. The ESP8266 can only supply the equipment with 3.3 V and 200mA, according to the datasheet.

Isolating the relay circuit from the ESP by using a second power source also prevents the pump’s back-EMF from contacting the ESP.

In a 2-Channel Relay Module, one relay requires roughly 5V and 68 mA of current, but the ESP8266 is unable to deliver 5V as an output voltage.


2-Channel Relay Module Current Consumption Testing






Existing Circuit

Updated Circuit Diagram

Tank filling required a lot of time due to the 18-watt pumps that were used. Therefore, a 40w pump was used in place of the 18w pump. It therefore caused the time needed to fill the tank to be lesser.

After changing the pump, it took 110 seconds to open the gate and 125 seconds to close it.

Working [Video]

We were able to resolve almost every issue after making several attempts, and we subsequently tested the working.


After opening the gate manually and by using Google Assistant, it was observed that it was functioning properly.