• Start date of project: 15 June 2020
  • The end date of Design: 30 June 2020
  • The Modifications in Design: 8 July 2020
  • The Start date of fabrication project: 15 July 2020
  • The end date of fabrication project: 25 July 2020
Review Meeting with Dr. J.B.Joshi and Mr. Anil Kelker on date 11/6/2020.

After a design and experiment on 2 lit hot water bath and 2.5 lit steam based plastic densifier we move towards 50 lit volume capacity plastic belling machine on basis of energy calculations. In discussion I present a economic model of logistics required for waste plastic taking, a reference of Bhor Municipal Corporation data.

Problem Statement:

Transportation of waste plastic is so much difficult and contain more space in the van. To transport waste plastic from the source to the processing centre, it is not profitable. If it contains more plastics in minimum space then it became profitable.


  • Single use (Non Recyclable) plastic waste compaction for reducing a cost of logistics and efforts of rag pickers.

Concept Drawing and Silent feature:

Conceptual Drawing of Belling Machine
  • Capacity : 50 lit
  • Operating Temperature : 85-100 oC
  • Insulated water drain and sump system
  • Squeeze hot water recirculation system
  • Water Heating System:
    • Gas Geezer
    • Biomass Gasifier
    • Biogas Fire
    • Direct burne

CAD Design:

CAD Model of Hot Belling Machine in Solidworks
Review Meeting with Dr. J.B.Joshi and Mr. Anil Kelker on date 9/7/2020.


Part List:

Part No.Description MaterialQty Per SetNo. of Set Required
1Hot Plastic Belling Machine11
250 lit Chember AssemblyM.S.11
3Square ChemberM.S.11
4Top DoorM.S.11
5Bottom DoorM.S.11
7Hinge RodM.S.21
8Side DoorM.S.11
9Side Door HingesM.S.21
10Nut & Bolt(M8 * 25)C.S.44
11Door lock mountM.S.41
12Door lock rodM.S.41
13Rubber GasketRubber42
14Plunger AssemblyM.S.11
15Plunger PlateM.S.11
16Pedastal BearingM.S.11
17Nut & Bolt(M8 * 25)C.S.22
18Lead ScrewM.S.11
19Lead GuideM.S.11
21Stand M.S.11


Plasma Hand Torch Cutting of Sheet metal
Review Meeting with Dr. J.B.Joshi and Mr. Anil Kelker on date 8/8/2020.
Testing of Machine: