To make CAD Modelling Design in Solid works for the project of visible in darkness with solar flood light system.

Introduction –

Solar Lightning system comes with LEDs, Batteries, Solar panel and charge controller. Which is used in flood lights, signboard lights, hoarding lights, etc. In remote location like highways, jungles, etc. there are many signboards, hoardings but due to darkness at night they are not visible, so we can have trouble due to absence of lights, solar lightning system provides continuous power supply to flood lights and LEDs so the display boards can be seen clearly, so we avoid the troubles causes due to absence of light.

Material List –

Before doing the CAD Model I list the materials of this project with specific dimension.

Block Diagram of Solar Lighting System

Here I firstly Design the 100W Solar Panels. I made one Solar Panel design I connected it in Series Connection.

I made this solar panel stand in Weldments cammand

This is this the subassembly of Solar Panels in solid works

I designed Battery of 12V 40A and Connected it in Series Connection.

This is battery stand made in Weldments

Subassembly of batteries

Here I design the Charge Controller 12V,20A

Designed the LED Light Bulb 50W

Display Board Stand in Weldmets-8 X 4 ft

Display Board assembly with LED Light Bulb