After successful trial of composting unit at the Siddharth housing society, we come across one more problem at the Madhuban food services placed at the Ranjangaon. Basically Madhuban is a food agency which supplies the food to the various industries placed at the Ranjangaon MIDC. They left with near about 300 Kg of waste at the end of day. The waste basically consist of Cooked foods like rice, chapati, vegitables. It also consist of Cutted onion, flower pieces. So designing composter which will fulfill that application is the next target to us.

As like always we conduct a Brainstorming section at the DIC lab, as the outcome of that section we finalies our design. The 3D model is prepared with the help of solidworks. The 3D model something looks like:


After completing modeling, we further started to prepare BOM (Bill Of Material). We made BOM and proceeds to material purchasing. We start our fabrication with the base frame. The final fabricated model looks like:


After completion of this model and testing of the model we comes to know across the following problems:

  1. Mis-allignment of chain sprocket arrangement.
  2. Excess vibrations.
  3. Jumping of the ring outside the frame.

In order to deal with these problems we take following discission:

  1. Remove chain pasted on the ring, attach a roller on which the wheel can rotate.
  2. Cladd a rubber over the ring as well as the roller. The rubber will serve both the puposes of reducing the vibration as well of additional grip which reduces vibration.

After all the troubleshooting we are finally decided to first take trial at the Vigyan Ashram and then at the field ie> Madhuban

In order to take the trial, we first collected garbage from the market waste.


After successful completion of the trial, we come to know that now we can deliver the setup to the Madhuban.

The actual working video of Composter installed at the madhuban is attached below: