Now a days, World is facing a big problem of waste management. In order to keep balance between waste production rate and waste disposal rate, everyone should come forward because the waste production rate of human is far far greater than waste disposal rate. Vigyan Ashram committed to step out and spread their helping hands(as we do always) towards the waste management for the global security. In order to solve problem, we first started to collect data about problem. For that we visited large composting plant. This plant is developed and maintained by Nashik Municipal Corporation and Nashik Waste Management Pvt. Ltd.


All the dry and wet waste is collected from entire city and processed in this plant. There are various sections in this plant. At entry point waste is weighted and segregated. Approximate 500 tons of waste collected per day.


  • RDF:- (Refused Derived Fuel)

Plastic waste is shredded and sent to furnace to burn directly. Shredded plastic is used as fuel. As per demand it supplied to customer. Average 250 tons per day plastic shredded.

  • Incinerator:-

Dead animals are burnt in this section. Average 25 animals per day. Mostly goats came to section.

  • Biogas plant:-

Black water from compost beds is collected through channels. It is filtered- filtered water from black water used in fire brigade and remaining supplied to biogas plant. Biogas is used to generate electricity & use to run plant. Generator specification: MCP-3P-50KVA

  • Compost:-

After segregation, beds of wet waste are formed and culture is spread over the beds. This bed is kept for 30 days to open atmosphere. Black water formed in these beds is used to biogas. After 30 days compost is ready. Small amount of plastic parts are removed from compost in two stages. Ready compost is packed and sells to farmers at 3000 Rs per ton. 45 to 50 kg compost is produced per day.

After analysing the problem, we start designing our Composter Prototype.

Following are the thing which we come across during problem analysis:

  • We have to take a chamber where the garbage can be mixed with the culture (Nothing but Bacteria) homogeneously.
  • In order to dry (Remove water) the waste we have to add some Green matter powder (Bhusa) in it. so we design chamber according to that.