Problem defination :- To check out whether students have taken meal or not in kitchen at night .


1) To prepare resistor.

2) Biometric system.

3) Token system.

4) Individual seating arrangement .

5)To make apps using MIT app inventor.

6) Manually operating chart system.

Token System:-

1) Firstly we have selected token system and prepared small model.

2)We have purchased nuts, bolt and bijagiri from market and then we have drilled on baten and on token.

3) Hence, small model was prepared.



1) Firstly we have decided that, to prepare one app for our kitchen assignment.

2)When we have started to create table and check box in MIT app inventor and entetered names of members in check box, but it was not properly adjuting on a normal mobile screen, that’s why we have neglected this app system.

Final Idea:- We finalised manually operated chart system.


-Because this is quick & simple process.

-Less time consuming process.

-This system is better to all members.


1) To make a simple manually operated chart system.

2) To make easy & durable system.

3) To make low cost system.

Workdone Status:-

Following procedure were followed to make chart system.

1)Firstly, we have created kitchen table of all members in excel ; in that names of all members were listed.

2)Then we have imported this table this tables to inkscape app & captured screenshot.

3) After that this table were sent to laser machine for printing or engraving .

4) Then after engraving, cutting on Acrylic were done with laser engraving machine.

5)Then we have prepared rectangular design of size 292*208mm in RD work software & sent it to laser machine for cutting.

6) The cutting of MDF was done by laser machine.

IMG_20180225_124720 - Copy - Copy

7) After that , we have simultaneously drilled on Acrylic paper & MDF by using drilled machine & fitted nuts &bolt at four corners.


8)Finally our assignment was completed.