After a successfull trial of society composter drum, we finally moved towards “Domestic Composter”…!!!

The main moto behind designing domestic composter is while solving the problem of waste management in country we mainly focus on the huge amount of waste thats why we designed and fabricated the society composter but while looking forward we forget to look near. As their is a proverb in marathi “Thembe Thembe Tale Sathey ” which literally means (I know you are going to smile now) drop by drop lake fills. Ok forget the literal, it just means every drop of rain makes a difference in filling a lake. So all every little action you take will make a difference in your life and thats why we decided to concentrate on the “Drop”.

I designed the composter by using the 3D modeling software  Solidworks. The design is somewhat looks like:

domestic composter

The main characteristics of the Domestic Composter are:

  1. Hexagonal Shape: It Provides easy mean of mixing due to its shape.
  2. Sliding Door: One side of hexagonal drum serves a purpose of door in order to allow the loading and unloading of the waste.
  3. Punched mesh at both sides: It allows the open area for circulation of the air.
  4. Compact size: The domestic composter is so compact that it can easily placed in the space below the basin.
  5. Internal Baffles: It is provided with internal baffles for homogeneous mixing of waste.

The domestic composter (after completing the fabrication) somewhat looks like:

The actual video of Domestic Composter (After completing the assembly) is:

After checking domestic composter in all the aspects, We now commercialized our model of Domestic Composter by the brand name “Akshay Home Composter”. We took support of Greeny-The Great and Climber Environmental Solution for marketing of the product. Thanks to Dassault Systemes-La Fondation for their valuable support during all the development stages. Without their support, it might not be possible.

You can find the Design Files and Do It Yourself manual for Akshay Home Composter Below: