I am making a shredder for a composter. I am looking to make different designs which will be used to shred kitchen waste or food scrap and dry leaf or decaying matter. So I am trying a new design which is generally used to grind the various types of grains. Me and Dixit sir decided to try the grain grinder model to shred kitchen waste and dry leaf as the shredder. Dixit sir had a hand grain grinder which he gave it to me to test. And it was working very efficiently. So my assignment was to motorize that grain grinder and take trials on dried leaves.

This is the manual grain grinder

There was one wiper motor of TVS Lucas company which Rohan, a DIC student was using for his composter to rotate waste. That motor was not working well in his project so I took that motor. And this motor was just the thing which I wanted for the grain grinder to have. I have taken trials on the grain grinder to shred dried leaves. It works great for dried leaf and brown matter. But is not effective for kitchen waste.

Motorized Model of Manual Grain Grinder
Final Model with Paper Hopper for Maximum Material

Trial video of Motorising Grain Grinder:-

Result and Conclusion:-

After this trial, it shows that it is a very good shredder mechanism for brown matter but it has some limitations. It requires some force to push the dry leaf inside the hopper. It shreds in very fine particles and good for composting.

But I have to try something new mechanism or upgrade this mechanism as it can shred both dry waste and brown matter. It has some limitations that it can not shred kitchen waste as a fine particle. So I need to think more about it.

Shredded Material