• After the first task, I have to make the sheet metal cover for the motor which is assembled to the composter.
  • For that, I took the stainless steel sheet.
  • And make the rough design on a notebook.
  • After I design this box on SolidWork.
Isometric view of sheet metal box
Front view of sheet metal box
Back side view of sheet metal box
Side view of sheet metal box
  • After completing design I started to fabricate sheet metal.
  • The dimensions of this box is as follows-260mm*230mm*420mm(l*b*h).
  • Sheet metal is cut on the cutter with taking its dimensions.
  •  Then this sheet is bend on the metal bender.
  • Using rivets I attached this sheet metal with each other.
  • After fabricated the box I fixed this box to the motor of the composter.
  • Using spray painting I painted the box.