Because of my first prototype has a bend in its blade, I made this new model:-

New Model with Thick Blade

This model is working very efficiently, but again there was a new problem. The Blade was not as sharp to cut some materials. So Dixit sir gave me a blade sharpener to sharpen the blade. This sharpener did the best work to give very high sharpness to chop any type of kitchen waste materials. I have made cut 3 mm thick plate in plasma cutter for making blade it gives proper strength to chop any type of vegetable and food scrap.


Blade Sharpener

Constructional specifications of the first Model:-

  1. The diameter of the Hollow GI pipe = 20 mm.
  2. Length of Hollow GI pipe = 1520 mm.
  3. Blade length Length * Width = 210mm * 100mm.
  4. One Bucket having diameter 220mm.
  5. One circular plywood of exact diameter of a bucket.

The operating procedure followed:-

  • Put exact diameter ply piece inside the bucket.
  • Put food scrap in a bucket.
  • Just hammer it and cut the food scrap into small pieces.
  • Cut that food scrap according to our requirements of shape and size.
  • Remove the inside material after filling the bucket and repeat from point one.

Actual process video of chopping the food scrap:-


  1. It can chop all food scrap as per the required sizes and shapes.
  2. We can chop any food material in fine shape and size such as watermelon, cabbage, etc.
  3. Chopping process being easy and less time-consuming.


1] Blades are not bending and have enough strength to cut all types of food scraps.

2] Chopping done very easy and saves lots of time.

3] Perfect piece size for composting.

Learning Outcomes:-

I have learned the following skills:-

1] Plasma Cutting.

2] Cutting and handling of the grinder.

3] Welding.

4] Grinding and sharpening the blade.

Chopped material:-

Chopped Material
Different Materials

Images of making Compost Chopper:-

Compost Chopper Images