Vigyan Ashram is experimenting with composting techniques for society in Siddharth Nagar Housing Society, Aundh, Pune. We are running one composting machine where the drum rotates and makes compost. We have experimented various data and found out some good results.

  • Status of Siddhart Housing Society Composting unit:-
  • Rotating drum of composting from Siddharth Housing Society was broken, so we brought this drum at Pabal for refabrication. I fabricated with new reinforcement of 40*4 mm metal plate with help of Shubham. Made new door on plasma cutter and fixed on a drum. Made baffles of PVC pipe and fixed in the drum for proper mixing of compost, culture, and bhusa on 7 June 2018.
  • This drum was not fixed in machine set up because of the length of the drum is more.
  • For new trial testing on full load batch condition I made again two drums for rotations with metal plate reinforcement and PVC pipes baffles on 9 June 2018.
  • In this new drum, we tested it with 45 kg waste, 15 kg culture and 5 kg bhusa on 10 June 2018.
  • This drum is rotated 24 hours continuously due to misunderstanding. But this batch was spoiled and gives one extreme result got from this trial is that the test gives Black Soldier Flies for our next project.
  • Again in the second drum for second trial I loaded 50 kg waste with 15 kg culture and 7 kg bhusa on 12 June 2018.
  • This test runs on auto mode which is 2 minutes in 6 hours for one whole day. This batch gives very well in results with no smell and leachates. This batch gives us confidence for full load conditions. But in this setup loading and unloading of the drum for one man is not possible so we decided to work on a machine.
  • Again first rotating drum was broken and I made a new drum with reinforcement of 50*5 mm metal plate and baffles plates of PVC pipe is fixed in a drum. The door is made on plasma cutter with 2 mm metal plate for loading and unloading of waste on 24 June 2018.
  • We started a new experiment and decided to run this machine for 15 kg culture for the first time and after add 20 kg waste and 3 kg bhusa daily up to 5 days only on 26 June 2018.
  • This batch was going very good in results. But after a few days, this trial has stopped because of the personal problem of Kanu, he is not able to do this job for a few days.

Siddharth Nagar Housing Society Composter Trial Video:-

Siddharth Nagar Housing Society’S New composting Drum Testing Trial:-