Nowadays wet garbage disposal has become a very serious issue, especially in urban areas. Vigyan Ashram is working on wet waste garbage management. DIC had made a few bio composting drums of large capacity. One of this composter is installed at Siddharthnagar society in Aundh for field testing and it is running successfully. There is a problem for chopping or shredding kitchen waste.


The objective is to make chopper to chop kitchen waste without any automation and low budget for domestic composter and bio-drum. So I made this blade chopper. This is a prototype for domestic application and another objective is to test it and get results of chopping or shredding.

Proposed Design:-

chopper assembly

In Vigyan Ashram, chopping work was done by knife, this process was very time consuming and irritating. So I made this chopper in a simple way, It just needs one bucket and one circular ply plate at bottom of the bucket. Blade length will be the diameter of the bucket, So chopping will be done easily and waste material will not spread outside bucket.

First Process was done by a knife as:-




First Prototype:-


This chopper is made up with 20mm hollow GI pipe and 1.5 mm thick plate which is cut on a plasma cutter.

I have made this first prototype and its blade bent because of the thickness of the metal. So I need to make a new model with a more thick blade.

Click the link below for further detailed information:-

Trials of a new model, Results, and Modification

This unit has bought by one customer from Nigdi Pradhikaran where they are treating their wet waste for composting by chopping using compost chopper.