Last week:- AC and DC water pump calculation

Next targets:-

  1. Collect Information of 100, 200watt pump
  2. 250 watt (2 motors) against 500 watt pump
  3. Talk to Kulkarni sir about Pump contact no.


  1. Calculation of starting and running torque
  2. Experiment on available impeller. Find motor for that impeller
  3. Contact to subir sir and shrikant


CaCl2 purchased.

Next targets:-

  1. Delta printer closed.
  2. Selection of Cacl2, calculate the viscosity.
  3. Think on the system (select the dryer for cacl2 system).


  1. PH practical and COD practical of DBRT students.
  2. Composting results share with us.
  3. ½ kg tricoderma available (Done)

Next targets:-

  1. Grey water system (COD calculate)
  2. Lemon processing(steam distillation)


Next targets;-

  1. Electromagnetism, calculation (DC motors) energy consumption.
  2. Incinerator electronics (spark and sensor)
  3. Drying apparatus data log.



  1. Nachani roaster – Teflon works (75%)
  2. Drum roaster – in working condition
  3. Incinerator design done.

Next Targets:-

  1. Cacl2- Heat losses (from literature)
  2. MOC of cacl2, ceramic pot/ clay cooker purchase.
  3. Make ladu from nachani roaster.
  4. Nachani roaster – take customer’s number from ranjeet sir.
  5. Drum roaster – design changes, selection of motor (DC).




  1. Electronics system of dryer
  2. Place of the heater
  3. Suction or blower????
  4. Parameters: Flow,

We have to purchase:-

  1. Lemon purchase
  2. SS pipe and cooker(mitti or SS)
  3. HDMI purchase

SHUBHAM was absent.