1. Calculation of AC and DC pump (on solar panel)

Next targets:

  1. Motor order, SMPS
  2. Costing calculation(Payback period)


Calculation done with Mahendra

Next Targets:-

  1. On the fabrication of incinerator


  1. Trial on rava roasting
  2. Trial took on actual field (4kg one batch) for Nachani
  3. Rava, Ground nut roaster is ready (batch process and on LPG)

Next targets:-

  1. Cacl2 heat losses.
  2. Ceramic coated cooker purchase.
  3. Incinerator final draft.


  1. Drying apparatus data log.

Next targets:-

  1. Display on 15th august 2018.
  2. Incinerator electronics purchase.


  1. COD testing done.
  2. Lemon processing (distillation unit is ready) and lemon purchased.
  3. Potato waste water ph and

Next targets:-

  1. Lemon processing(batch)
  2. Go to pune for PCR



  1. Proposal, costing done
  2. Drafting done.

Next targets:-

  1. Material purchased and fabrication.
  2. Drying apparatus (pomegranate test started with temp.)


  1. Humidity sensor for inlet.
  2. Cacl2 packaging

Next Targets:

  1. Data collection