*NOTEs to all:

  • According to feedback and efficiency observations, it was decided that website will be updated at the end of the month.
  • Please convert your webpages into the format given here.

  • Vaibhav Dharmadhikari: Assiting Supriya on Rangoli making machine. Please make your website.
  • Jyoti Dhumal
    1. Needs to clarify process for colleting data from composting pit.
    2. Has already cleaned biome, added fogger and drip. Awaiting sensor module from Suhas.
  • Vijay Erande
    1. Grey water filter: Graphs of TDS, ph, LoD, etc not on website.
    2. Soak pit : Website in bad shape. Make proper statement, objectives, etc on main page. Upload pictures of installation. Put some calculations to justify size of drum used.
  • Sandeep Jundare (Absent)
  • Swami Kalekar
    1. Vibration Charger : This project is in backseat for now.
    2. Rice planting machine
      1. Chinese model has 70% planting success from the original 0% persent.
      2. New prototype being made. Conceptualization done in Solidworks for prototype1. Jugaad version in progress.
      3. Website in good order with nice videos and details.
  • Dipali Kambale
    1. Non-electric Oxygen Enrichment Unit for rural health centers.
      1. Money received one week back but no work on ground. Should start working ASAP.
      2. Search for compressor and finalize.
      3. Push to buy compressor.
    2. Green gym project: No contact from client.
    3. Akash-kandil: 3 models made. Facing issues with gum and wire not sticking together. Paper used is very thick, use thinner paper.
    4. Website:
      1. Website not in order.
      2. Correct menu for OEU as blog entry in OEU project.
      3. Upload the details of market search for OEU compressor and what problems you faced. Make a blog post about it.
      4. Make a project entry about Akash kandil. Upload photos and problems as blog post.
  • Suhas Labde:
    1. Made good progress on sensor system for polyhouse. Took feedback from end-user.
    2. Making prototype with fuse.
    3. Design for servisability and weather proofing yet to be done.
  • Prachi Samarth
    1. Website not in order. Please update the site structure.
    2. Mechanical hand: Issues with hand and feedback from end-user updated.
    3. Hackberry hand:
      1. You have given common update for both mechanical and Hackberry hands. Please change.
      2. Give Eaton discussions (problems you faced, solutions/suggestions they provided) as a separate blog post.
  • Abhijeet Savant
    1. 2nd prototype for ARTI stove made. To be tested.
    2. PCB dimensions discussed with Provenant systems. Second prototype to be made.
    3. Learning geodesic dome geometry from Ashok Mathur sir. Will take one week to understand further basics. Will give back date when to start working on small scale model using pvc and frp.
    4. Needs to update website, post pics of prototypes.
  • Shubham Shembade
    1. Ambient temperature dryer
      1. Made good satisfactory calculations.
      2. Interacted with Ahik Kalbad and Sunil Kulkarni on dryer types. Please write about these interactions on your blog.
      3. As per discussions with AD and SB, make SOP of the experiments, list of materials and costs ASAP. We need to start experimenting next week.
    2. COD hot plate: Made some plates using PoP and white cement. Update about the efforts you have made on this as blogpost entry.
  • Vishwas Shinde
    1. Solar Incinerator: No updates on this one on website, no work done on this one for long time. Please include discussion with VijayKumar sir as a blog post. Make a design and test.
    2. Bio-Drum: Solidworks model made. Practical jugaad model made, and should start operating on 7th October. Write feedback on blog and start making proper model.
  • Naresh: Working on assisting Suhas Sir in his work on development of polyhouse controller. Will begin working on adaptation of Smart Citizen weather station for Pabal requirements. Please make your website.
  • Ganesh: Started working on wifi camera bought from China by Dr. Kulkarni. Will try to complete connection next week. Please make your website.
  • Vaibhav Rahinj: Developing kit Stirling engine. Please make your website.

Discussion : Need for calculations

  1. Whats the use of calculations?
    1. Helps in predictions.
    2. Makes designs more robust.
    3. Lesser chances of failures.
    4. Helps understand the process and optimize the process (not discussed)
  2. Why we don’t do it?
    1. Fear is a big reason. Why do we fear calculations? Because we make errors in calculations. We make errors because either we have less or incomplete information, or we are casual about critical aspects of the process or we are plain lazy. In terms of lack of information, the main reason is we do not have questions that will lead to the right information. And why this? its because we do not think. And why we do not think is because we are not interested. So basically it boils down to if we are passionate about perfection, thats all.
    2. Abstract nature: Sometimes some people are more disposed to act out and learn through experience and repeated failures than doing abstract mathematics. This is the difference between experimentalists and theoreticians. This is the difference between Edison and Tesla. However, we all agree that some amount of basic calculation is required.
  3. Need to plan case-studies for future discussions on this subject.

Discussion: What one wants from VADIC?

  • Exposure to real engineering with interaction with real requirements of society.
  • Chance to be an entrepreneur.
  • Chance to work on your own idea.
  • Some have all interest and energy to be creative and innovative, but they do not have a direction. They would like to get a direction from working at VADIC.
  • Interaction with like minded people.