Topic of discussion –Discussed about importance of market survey and end user survey

conclusion – Don’t accept any proposal directly if there is no usability so first do market survey of actual user by taking there interviews .Always do  written agreement and take advance from costumer before starting  project work .If

also discussed about bio drum project and its concept.


Abhijeet – Final design for stove is ready but failed while trial by arti so need to modify design

Vishwas–  belling machine-Concluded project(He told about the importance of leagal agriment and advance)

Biodrum- made solid works model and one prototype

Dipali- NCL- compressor demand is in progress

Prachi– Boards are ready testing remained,

Swami–  Made changes in rise planter  and operated plasma cutter.

Vijay– Need of apparatus for COD testing

Soak pit – literature survey is done.Need to go for market survey.

Jyoti–   repaire  lickage and dome maintenance is going