Sahil– working on – Nachani roaster and solar roaster

to do- going to design new stirrer for Nachani roaster + to run motor of  solar roaster on solar

Swapnil- working on – pyramid dryer –

made syphon and they are working nicely. to do- Make more efficient Pyramid dryer

pratiksha– made timer for filling a tank it’s working nicely .

Vaishnavi – Working on Kitchen presenti marker .Have issue in programming

Neha – working on Sprouter .Need to propose good packaged design for it.

Dipali – working on small aqua phonic

Yogita – project is Terrace   garden – she need to study previous report on this topic

Sakshi– working on automatic bell .she proved Functionality of the system .

pallavi– Project is designing fordable mosquito net. She have finalized the design by taking customer voice

Komal – She will make 3D designs of all composter.

Monika– Working on drying apparatus. She have studied 5 different samples. She is working with Shubham and they have made SOP’s for samples.

Nikhil – Aqua phonic -running a poly house system.

Nilesh – working on water softening. used ion exchange and calcium bi carbonate for water softening.

Kiran– Working on aqua phonic . working nicely. Good progress.

Jaydeep – Working on modification of incinerator . need to discuss with microbiologist and he will work on drying of waste.

Avinash – Made braille printer . Absolutely done good job.

Mahendra –  successfully made inverter circuit. Going to work on DC fan installation.

Sonal-  Nicely done her assignments on east making , curd culture development , composting of wheat straws , small bio gas plant and it is really appreciable

Shubham – tested different veggies in dome dryer ,developed drying curve and  SOP’s of drying procedure

Siddhesh– Working on sprouter and need to modifie its automation .to design foldable composter, Up to 27th it will get done

Yogasree– studied evaporative  cooking

Amol-  solar roaster  do we need to go further ? should we change the shape