Sandip- Cost of water and Cost of electricity required to run compressor

priority- how to run cooler by solar energy  up to 7 october

Secondary –  rain gauge on amazon

Next week-  Take info from thrive regarding DC fan and battery

coasting and specification of material

Finalise design of cooler



Next  week- Gant chart ,pcb should be finish ,mechanical  parts purchase

Priority – mechanical hand


Jyoti–  sandip sir will tell about rain gauge

Reading of biodome for stem size,no of leaves,other biological parameters, note down environmental condition at the time of taking readings

Other-Clean dome, compost


Vijay – finalise system for flushing

cod test of water

COD  digestor  followup



next week- followup sunil and dhananjay

Send machine


Shubham- dryer calculation up to 11/9

Next week- COD digestor finish