NOTE-From now no assigning of weekly tasks, they have to make their own plan and have to submit tasks in given timeline.

Sandip-  Have searched for motors,pumps ,solar panels and thought about modified cooler but task told to him was- to see for how we can operate regular cooler on  DC supply by using solar panels(Use predesigned cooler , no redesigned ). Or he had to search for DC motor which we can use in regular cooler.

Vijay-  Results of COD tests were failed. Requirement of  some other chemicals.

Dipali – Making bed for rice planter machine and its testing was assigned to her as Funds for NCL and green gym projects not received .Bed was not done.

Vishwas- He got no response for belling machine  and from Mr.sunil  after  again and again contacting them

Prachi-  Duble sided PCB is ready and sarted testing of hackberry circuitry by using zero pcb

Shubham-  Designed mold for making coil holder  for COD hot plate.