[Review conducted by Dr. Arun Dixit and Subir B.]

Subjects that need to be discussed specifically in future lectures:

  • Practical Vs. Theory
  • Excitement
  • Customer Expectations (Voice of customer VOC)
  • WoW – or to positively surprise the customer
  • Validation from customer during the project.
  •  Definition of project
  • Measurements and when to determine the state of project.
  • Data collection – recording – transfer between PI
  • Poster for project cycle (From Abhijeet’s blog)
  • Milestones definition.
  • Customer feedback and followup
  • Communication techniques
  • Format of documentation

*NOTE to all:
  • All projects should have a timeline plan. Without this no project is complete. 
  • All pages must be in mainpage+ blog format. This is serious and from next week error here will not be tolerated!

  1. Abhijeet Savant
    1. ARTI Portable Cookstove
      1. Webpages in good format, but please make it in the  ‘main page + blog’ to get idea of developments
      2. What is client feedback so far?
      3.  Task for next week:
        1. Correct website into blog format. Very Important!!!
        2. Mention client feedback in blog posts.
    2.  Provenant Systems:
      1. Task for next week:
        1. Update Contract Review Document in discussion with client. 
        2. Make blog posts. It is OK if there are no words in the posts but images, but make blog posts.
    3. FRP Geodesic dome
      1. Due to lack of time, this project has not started yet.
      2. Tasks for next week:
        1. Can you take it up on your own?
  2. Jyoti Dhumal
    1. Pages are not in order, font sizes etc are not standard.
    2. Not many new updates on website. Jyoti needs guidance. Vijay has taken responsibility to guide her.
    3. Task for next week:
      1. Correct website.
      2. More inputs awaiting from Vijay E.
  3. Sandeep Jundare
    1. Blogs have not been updated .
    2. Past tasks not completed
    3. Grey water cooler
      1. No development in past two weeks.
      2. Observation of smell in the air. Need to recirculate air and refill bucket every day with new grey water.
      3. Tasks for next week:
        1. Start making new prototype on SolidWorks complete with fan.
    4. Clean toilets at Pabal:
      1. No development on the technology front.
      2. Has spoken to Panchayat head, but she is not convinced.
      3. Tasks for next week:
        1.  Make plan for clean and maintenance free toilets.
    5. Rain water harvesting at DIC building:
      1. Not finalized. Leakages not fixed
      2. No filter installed.
      3. Tasks for next week
        1. Fix rainwater harvesting pipes.
        2. Plan a filter to be attached.
    6. Rain guages
      1. Website not updated.
      2. Designs not marketed properly.
      3. Client feedback?
      4. Tasks for next week:
        1. Update status of rain guage.(write usefulness of devices)
  4. .Mayur Daptare
    1. Vibration charger – Electronics section.
      1. Website is in order.
      2. Task for next week:
        1. Update why transformers are not to be used in the circuit.
        2. Make clean PCB using following components
          1. Standard stepper motor (ask Pioneer electronics, Pune)
          2. 4-phase full wave rectifier (see link)
          3. Use Schottky diode / germanium diods, check price from Pioneer Electronics, Pune.
          4. Use simple buck-boost IC, example MC33063AP.
    2. Low cost weather station:
      1. Why do you think medical people need weather station?
      2. Timeline made. very good.
      3. As per decision, this project will be taken up after the vibration project is completed.
      4. Tasks for next week:
        1. Update timeline to make realistic. Do not mention exact dates but how much time each section will take.
  5. Swami Kalekar
    1. Vibration Charger – mechanical design
      1. Website not in “mainpage + blog format”.
      2. No market survey done.
      3. Tasks for next week
        1. Correct blog.
        2. Make new design on SolidWorks.
        3. Complete market survey.
    2. E-commerce bike box:
      1. First information in order.
      2. Tasks for next week:
        1. Call Mr. Hemant Bhange.
    3. Re-engineering rice planter
      1. First information not complete.
      2. SolidWorks drawing not started.
      3. Tasks for next week:
        1. Update with rice planter pictures and videos.
        2. Make Solidworks drawing of project.
  6. Vijay Erande
    1. Grey water filter
      1. Format not in ‘mainpage+blog’.
      2. External content should be under ‘Notes’ category and not on mainpage.
      3. No updates in last week on filter performance.
      4. Design of bio filter missing.
      5. Tasks for next week:
        1. Update with new pictures of plants.
        2. Make design and show on web.
        3. Give timeline for project.
    2. Practical study on optimum composting process
      1. Tasks for next week:
        1. Make process outline.
        2. Identify what needs to be researched.
    3. Additional tasks for next week:
      1. Check content of Jyoti and help her in project.
      2. Check contents of Sandip J. website and write a report to Subir B
  7. Prachi Samarth (absent)
    1. About page missing contact details.
    2. POV assignment:
      1. Tasks:
        1. Complete assignment by placing on stand.
    3. Mechanical prosthetic hand:
      1. Not in user readable format of title, background, objectives, etc.
      2. Blog updates good!
      3. Tasks for next review:
        1. Update on the measurements of client and how you would proceed on the job. How much time will it take and expected cost of manufacturing.
    4. Hackberry hand
      1. Main page not complete.
      2. Blog updates good.
      3. Tasks for next week:
        1. Complete main page with info with clear objectives.
        2. Add a timeline to the project.
    5. Talking Ganesha
      1. Tasks for next review:
        1. Make a visit to blind school to understand situation. Report on website under new assignment.
        2. Big target: make TG easy and reliable to use. So in next review
          1. List problems with current system
          2. List how to solve these problems?
        3. Give timeline of project.
  8. Vishwas Shinde
    1. Solar sanitary pad incinerator
      1. Not in mainpage+blog format. Please correct this as it is required to know the timeline of progress.
      2. Solidworks drawings are very good.
      3. Timeline missing.
      4. Tasks for next review:
        1. Make pages in ‘mainpage+blog’ format.
        2. Give timeline.
    2. Baling machine
      1. Page format not consistent. Use standard fonts please.
      2. Not in mainpage + blog format.
      3. Tasks for next review
        1. Make pages in ‘mainpage+blog’ format
        2. Make concept note for small size baling machine as discussed with Mr. Sunil Bhondge of Greeny.
  9. Dipali Kambale:
    1. Non-electric Oxygen Enrichment Unit for rural health centers.
      1. Webpage not in mainpage + blog format.
      2. Good, webpage is complete. Now please add blog posts to update.
      3. Timeline missing.
      4. More doctor’s reviews mare required.
      5. Visited clients Genrich Membranes and we can start project immediately. Lot of issues written in concept note first draft have been cleared.
      6. Tasks for next review:
        1. Start blog posts on the new developments.
        2. Ask Dr. Kharul to send Concept note 2.
        3. Make a timeline for first prototype.
        4. Make an invoice for 30% for fabricating first prototype.
        5. Ask Parag (Genrich) for old compressors.
        6. Make visits to more doctors and review oxygen delivery technology.
    2. Green gym project
      1. Met Mr. Sontake and discussed the plans.
      2. Missing description of visit to clients.
      3. No photographs of place of installation.
      4. Tasks for next review:
        1. Update website.
        2. Update details in a blog post about client visit.
        3. Make a timeline.
        4. Visit site and take a picture, or ask client to send some pictures of site.
  10. Shubham Shembade
    1. Ambient temperature dryer
      1. Mainpage+blog format is correct.
      2. Mainpage content is incomplete since timeline is not there.
      3. Good post on silica gels, give reference as to where you have taken it from.
      4. Tasks for next review:
        1. Make calculations of the dryer. VERY VERY IMPORTANT!!
        2. Get more details from client such as
          1. What should be the drying capacity of the dryer, in kg/day?
          2. If the dryer is used only for rainy season when wild fruits are available, what about the rest of the year? What can be dried by the end-user?
          3. Do you have electricity supply? forget solar as solar is not available in the monsoons.
        3. Give reference for your post on silica gel characteristics.
        4. Make timeline of your project.
    2. COD hot plate
      1. Tasks:
        1. Mention the design requirements.
        2. Can you give a simple sketch and component list.
        3. Give timeline.