The idea was to use silica gel in form of a column to Dehumidify the Working Air. following are parameters to be studied in this experiment.

  1. Saturation Time of Silica Column
  2. Flow rate required for effective dehumidification [trial and error]

Apparatus:   1] Air Blower

A leaf blower with given specifications is used

Power: 335 Watts

Flow rate: 2.3 Cubic meters per minute

Pressure: 1 Bar [Atmospheric Pressure]

  2] Silica gel Column

Length: 400 mm

Diameter: 60 mm [internal]

Mass: 1 kg Silica gel, Type A, 5 mm Granules

  3] Measuring Chambers

PVC pipe section

Diameter: 110 mm

Wet Bulb and Dry Bulb Thermometer

Measuring Chamber
Inlet Chamber

  4] Stop watch


Step 1: Fill the column with Silica granule.

Step 2: Attach the column in between the system.

Step 3: Connect the Blower.

Step 4: Place the Thermometers within the chamber

Step 5: Turn on the Blower,

Step 6: Measure humidity of inlet and out let air. observe the saturation of silica gel. note time required for complete saturation of silica gel.