Shubham- Nhavare’s drying is started at production scale.

pooja-  taken corrective actions on last discussion and going to make SOP for different  dried vegitable

Priya-  Need to understand need of project

Jaydip – Going to make controlling device for poly house

Shrikant- Going to work on MPPT laptop charger

Prerana – taken the readings for brown rice cooking . going to work on weight reduction on whistle

Komal – made small prototype and going to test it for sand bath

Mayuri – Made good prototype for sprouting

Yogashri -next task is hand wheel fixation and secondary reflector design .

Ashwini – She is working with Priya on Terrace garden.

Siddhesh- made prototype of shredder. Next task is going to test available  shredder with different material and going to fix blade on it.

Shrikant – he shared his learning experience – While using microwave oven he learnt reverse engineering studied drying ,applied different methods for power regulation.He studies power control  , air flow for drying apparatus.

Rohan –  azola- got good result for one bed of azola so according to that next task is to make 9 different beds with different TDS and super phosphate proportion.

All are working well but seems that they are some how not clear about the objective behind their projects so in this review we asked everyone about the impact and reason to work on respective problems.