List of tasks to individual.

Sandip J- COD test f cooler water

Calculate temperature difference due to cooler

Search alternative for burlap

Make rain gauge ready to sale online


Vijay- Complete calibration

Discuss soak pit with Arun Dixit sir

Do test of high sink contain water

Conduct lecture for 5 minutes on how to reduce smell of gray water without chemicals


Swami– Do testing of first prototype machine (up to end of September)

Make list of parts you want to cut on plasma cutter.


Prachi- Quantify grip of hand

Purchase parts and complete electronics

Take help of suhas and supriya for coading


Jyoti- calibration of soil testing / list of chemicals

Get clear idea about biodome

Take everyday reading of dome

Calculate volume of compost


Dipali- Component list

Design sketch and 3D model in solid works


Vishwas– You have to keep Bailing Machine in regular use

Complete the cycle of bailing machine project  by doing contact with Mr sunil and….


Shubham – Drawing of hot plate

Discuss on dryer with Arun Dixit sir