[Review conducted online by Subir B.]

*NOTEs to all:
  • All projects should have a timeline plan. Without this no project is complete. 
  • As mentioned last time, all pages must be in mainpage+ blog format. This has not been taken seriously.
  • Students who have not followed the tasks given to them will not be given new tasks.

  1. Abhijeet Savant (Absent, working on ARTI project)
    1. ARTI Portable Cookstove (Not updated since 11th Aug)
    2.  Provenant Systems (Not updated since 11th Aug)
    3. FRP Geodesic dome (No updates here)
  2. Jyoti Dhumal
    1. No understanding of project.
    2. Task for next week:
      1. Correct website.
      2. More inputs awaiting from Vijay E.
  3. Sandeep Jundare (Absent)
    1. (Not updated since 11th Aug)
  4. Mayur Daptare (Absent due to medical reasons)
    1. (Not updated since 11th Aug)
  5. Swami Kalekar
    1. (Not updated since 11th Aug)
  6. Vijay Erande
    1. Grey water filter
      1. Format OK.
      2. External content should be under ‘Notes’ category and not on mainpage/blog.
      3. No updates in last week on filter performance.
      4. Design data not sufficient.
      5. Tasks for next week:
        1. Make proper design of the biofilter. Have information about number of tanks, role of each tank, sizes of each tank and tank contents.
    2. Practical study on optimum composting process (Not in order)
    3. Tasks of guiding Jyoti not carried out properly.
  7. Prachi Samarth (Absent, on Leave)
    1. Refer to previous DIC Reviews.
  8. Vishwas Shinde
    1. Not updated since 11th Aug.
  9. Dipali Kambale (Absent)
    1. Non-electric Oxygen Enrichment Unit for rural health centers.
      1. Good work on updating site with blog updates.
      2. Tasks for next review:
        1. Make an invoice for 30% for fabricating first prototype.
        2. Ask Parag (Genrich) for old compressors.
        3. Make visits to more doctors and review oxygen delivery technology.
    2. Green gym project
      1. Tasks for next review:
        1. Update website with new concept note.
        2. Update with presentation.
        3. Visit site and take a picture, or ask client to send some pictures of site.
  10. Shubham Shembade
    1. Ambient temperature dryer
      1. Mainpage content is incomplete since timeline is not there.
      2. Tasks for next review:
        1. Make calculations of the dryer.
        2. Make timeline of your project.
    2. COD hot plate
      1. Good update on website but not in blog mainpage format.
      2. Tasks:
        1. Update, please.