In the system, I am currently developing, I am willing to use desiccant for dehydrating. Silica gel is the most commonly used desiccant for dehumidification. I am going to use silica gel for absorbing moisture from the vegetables. Maintaining the space temperature upto 60 deg Celsius is most important parameter for effective drying of any food product.

Studying Desiccants:

In my recent  searches for information about Desiccants material. I came across characteristics of silica gel. I am designing a prototype to test the performance of the silica gel under the drying parameters.

Moisture absorption rate of Silica gel compared to other Desicants:

Moisture Absorption Capacity of Silica Gel compared to other Desiccants:

Silica gel cachat

Moisture retaining or Reactivation of Silica gel compared to other Desiccants: