Yogashri- Performance analysis of prince 40 and Schefler

rohan- Drone- next week it is going to fly

Azola- beds need to modify

Jaydeep- did modification in bio composter  from 5th march going to test.

Prerana– studied sarai cooker nicely and electric cooker also

working with Rohan on modification of azola beds.

Priya-Made table top model of quadraphonic. Now working on one step model of

qaquaphonic+ hydroponic .Going to work on terrace garden

Madhuri- Working with shubham on dome dryer (dehydration unit)

Komal – Taken voice of customer .Designing roster for bhimashankar end user for roasting nachani

Mayuri– Made sprouting unit . going to take test for soaking

Pooja- Drying apparatus- to identify efficient drying rate of different vegetables.

She has taken readings of initial weight and LOD for different vegetables

Ashwini- Nirgundi oil extractor- Checked and tested the method of nirgundi oil extraction.

Siddhesh – did Shredder prototype and going to make it in bigger form