Comments/Warnings/Tasks based on review meeting:

  1. Abhijeet Savant
    1. ARTI Cookstove
      1. Update website in the  ‘main page + blog’ format
      2. Follow user-readable structure.
      3. Highlight client feedback.
      4. Did not show demo!
      5. Task for next week:
        1. Meet client on 27th July and confirm design to be made in plasma cutter.
    2. Provenant Systems
      1. “Final product” caption on images not true.
      2. Repeat comments as before.
      3. Task for next week:
        1. Update Contract Review Document in discussion with client. Ask about material cost (3d printing bills, etc) and whether we will have to develop the pcb for the module.
    3. Windmill workshop – regular updates. OK.
  2. Jyoti Dhumal
    1. Website format needs working.
    2. About page missing
    3. Not many new updates on website. Jyoti needs guidance. Vijay has taken responsibility to guide her.
    4. Task for next week:
      1. Finish putting slurry from biogas digester into compost pit.
      2. More inputs awaiting from Vijay E.
  3. Sandeep Jundare ABSENT (No intimation to DIC projects head)
    1. Task for next week:
      1. Update website after discussion with Vijay E. and Subir B.
      2. Update status of rain guage.
      3. Display working prototype of grey water cooler. We will check for smell of grey water.
      4. Answer question on blog: Does aeration of grey water destroy the smell of grey water?
      5. Talk to village elders about upgrading toilets at Pabal.
  4. Mayur Daptare
    1. Vibration charger – Electronics section.
      1. Website not in order.
      2. LM317 experimented but not written properly, in user readable format. Scientific reasons for failure of experiment missing.
      3. Did not show demo!
      4. Task for next week:
        1. Vibration Charger (electronics)
          1. Make updated circuit with transformer -> bridge rectifier -> LM317 -> 5V 500mA output.
        2. Low cost weather station: Make concept note including
          1. Title
          2. Why this device is needed?
          3. What are the competitor products (Internet survey) and what requirements they do not satisfy?
          4. What are the steps in completing this project ? Make a rough timeline.
  5. Swami Kalekar
    1. Vibration Charger (mechanical)
      1. Existing design did not work as intended.
      2. Did not show demo!
    2. OK website update on windmill workshop. Good details. Others can follow this example.
    3. Given new project (box) + new cycle from Mr. Hemant Bhange. Will call on 22nd July 2016 to clarify and proceed.
    4. Tasks for next week:
      1. Vibration Charger (mechanical)
        1. Make large gear pendulum model discussed last time.
      2. E-Bike luggage box: Make concept note:
        1. Title
        2. What existing products exist for such applications?
        3. Contact a courier delivery person to get his/her feedback.
      3. Help Vijay E. to make COD digestor.
  6. Vijay Erande
    1. Earlier calculation error rectified.
    2. COD digester: Not complete /  no progress.
    3. Tasks for next week:
      1. Identify site for kitchen grey water filter.
      2. Make rough design of filter.
      3. Check Sandeep’s tasks and report to Subir/Supriya.
      4. Check Jyoti’s tasks, website and report to Subir/Supriya. 
  7. Prachi Samarth
    1. Isabella hand
      1. User trial not conducted as of yet.
      2. Should show origianl had videos on main page.
    2. Prosthetic hand electronics
      1. Servo motor works with arduino
      2. Did not show demo!
    3. Will takeup ‘Talking Ganesha’ project from Suhas and implement in Blind school. Timeline yet to be decided.
    4. Tasks for next week:
      1. Complete Isabella hand with good engineering practices.
      2. Make Arduino control two servo motors simultaneously.
      3. Take over ‘Talking Ganesha’ project from Suhas sir.
        1. Understand the working.
        2. Visit School for the blinds and see what requirement is there and where the project can help the school.
  8. Vishwas Shinde
    1. Solar sanitary pad incenirator
      1. Make a video in SolidWorks
      2. Make timeline of future progress.
    2. Baling machine
      1. Fantastic development in one week!!
    3. Tasks for next week
      1. Solar Sanitary pad incinerator
        1. Make parts and assemble in SolidWorks. Make a video showing the working in solidworks.
        2. Write concept note on this project.
          1. Title
          2. Why is it needed? Any competing products?
          3. Timeline of the project.
      2. Baling machine
        1. Design a solution such that the screw can be quickly displaced for the initial packing, instead of rotating all around a number of times? Following the principle of grinding wheel screw.
  9. Dipali Kambale: On leave due to exams.
    1. Tasks for next week:
      1. Call architect client on Monday 25th July.
      2. Call NCL client on Monday 25th July.
      3. Update website with info about doctor visit.
      4. More tasks on Monday 25th July.
  10. Shubham Shembade
    1.  Will take up vegetable/fruits dryer project.
    2. Called potential client today. Will visit client in coming week before next review.
    3. Tasks for next week:
      1. Prepare a questionnaire of what client wants from his dryer?
      2. Will visit client for dryer on Monday 25th July.