FabLab – digital fabrication laboratories – were set up to inspire people and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into new products and prototypes by giving them access to a range of advanced digital manufacturing technology.

The idea was conceived by renowned inventor and scientist Professor Neil Gershenfeld at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) U.S.A.. His idea was a simple one: to provide the environment, skills, advanced materials and technology to make things cheaper and quickly anywhere in the world, and to make this available on a local basis to entrepreneurs, students, artists, small businesses and in fact, anyone who wants to create something new.

Fablab facility has been established in Narmadalaya by the Department of Science and Technology (SEED Division) and through Vigyan Ashram Pabal, Pune. Through this facility, youth living in the villages will get digital training and the problem of the village will be solved.

Narmadalaya Fablab was inaugurated on 23th August 2022.


First we tried to make the inauguration board with vinyl cutting machine. Everything was fine except making of logo of the Government of India. We made it on laser cutting machine. We made Fablab logo on colored acrylic sheet.

After the board was made, we thought of operating it on mobile. We used Arduino to run on mobile.
In Arduino, we connected Bluetooth and BO motor. It took us a longer time to make this as it was our first experience. With the help of Bluetooth we could open the screen with the help of mobile.

Honorable Guests of the event

Padmashree Mahesh Ji Sharma (Founder of Shiv Ganga Prakalp, Jhabua), Dr. Vinayak ji Govilkar (Economist and financial Advisor), Dr. Yogesh Kulkarni(Director of Vigyan Ashram, Pabal) were present as chief guests. Fablab was inaugurated on 23/08/2022. Padmashree Mahesh Ji Sharma , inaugurated our lab.


On the day of inauguration, we also held an exhibition in which more than 300 people participated.
In this, they took information about the machines of Fablab.