Date = 8/10/2022


to learn new things

theory of visiting

when I entered I looked at plants like mulberry,custurd apple,turmeric, etc .

when I moved further I looked at the field in which there were trees of mango which were planted at the space of 3×6 so I was shocked then after I met the head of department he told me that it is known as high dencity farming in which the plants are planted very near to each other from this there are many advantage

1 1000 plants can be planted in each acre

2 when the storm comes only the outer row of the farm or field gets damaged it will be max 20% of the field

3 irrigation,fertigation,space of the field,production ,etc can be maintaned neither the things get wasted nor the time will get waster

4 specific fruits can be grown with high quality

5 most important that the plants will give the farmer the production starting from 3 years

then after he showed me a 1 acre experiment plot of fruit farm in which he planted fruits plant which can give the farmer different fruits in every month round the year so in,this project he will get the production after 3 to 4 years until then he can plant vegetables. The vegetable will start there production in 1.5 to 2 month as a source of income then he will plant papaya it will give him income in 8 month and he will plant banana which will give him income in 12 month. In this way he will get an income starting from 1.5 month of plantation. This was type of modal farm which a farmer can adopt.

Then after we went to some were he told is about different type of high dencity of plantation like kaju,mango,guava,custurd apple,apple jackfruit,etc.