Hello and Welcome,

As a Fab school intern We have conducted Trebuchet making activity for 8th standard students of SHRI, RAMRAO GENUJI PALANDE RESIDENTIAL HIGH SCHOOL IN MUKHAI from 18th July to 23rd July.

What is mean by Trebuchet?

Trebuchet is an machine which is used to throw ball or any solid, metal sphere. Usually this machine was invented in china for war purpose. Because of this machine many kings won many wars. Trebuchet machine has three parts frame, arm and weight. In this activity the concept of gravity, kinetic energy and potential energy will be explored.

To make Trebuchet download PDF by clicking given link https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_ey2tiiUFngjlHqsOkIBm1VakjJGPYkb/view?usp=sharing

Objectives :-

  1. Student will understand the Concept of Energy.
  2. Student will understand the Kinetic Energy and Potential Energy.
  3. Student will understand the concept of Gravity.
  4. Student will understand the Law of Conservation of Energy.