1st Aug 2022

Hello and Welcome, As a fabschool intern on 23rd July we have conducted 3rd activity for 8th standard students of Late Ramrao Genuji Palande Ashramshala, Mukhai. The activity is of making Doddle Bot. This activity is based on concept of basic electronics.

This Doddle Bot is used to draw irregular shape on surface. In this at shaft of dc motor glue stick is attached in a way that vibration is created. Doddle bot uses that vibrations to draw irregular shapes or drawing.


  1. Student will understand the basic electronics components for eg. switch, battery, motor etc.
  2. Student will understand the soldering.
  3. Student will be understand the basics of circuit.
  4. Student will be understand about jumpre wires.

Required Materials:-

  1. 3 Sketch Pen
  2. 12V battery
  3. Switch
  4. Paper Tape
  5. Battery connector
  6. Plastic glass
  7. DC Motor
  8. Glue stick
  9. Solder Gun
  10. scissors

for making the doddle bot we have referred following procedure which is mentioned in video:

Video made by Mr. Nakul Nibe


  1. Student were able to use solder gun.
  2. Student were able to design basic circuit.
  3. Student got what is battery, motor and polarity.
  4. Student got idea about battery connector.
  5. Student were able to understand jumpre wires.