measure in a humidity , temp
coriander in dome dryer


Apparatus :- -Solar Dome , Exhaust Fan ,Humidity Meter , coriander

dome information

  1. dome is measure diameter is a 120 cm and radius – 60 cm in a solar dome dryer . measure of area is 3.39 meter sq . 2.dome is a block coating because heat absorb in large amount . 3. measure dryer is a coriander is a 800 g to a dryer is a weight 400 g . 4. note the time is a dryer time and frist reading in 12.21 am and second reading is a 1.57 pm and third reading is 3.45 pm 5 . understand is a outer temp in different temp inner temp exhaust fan power is a 38 w and and current is a 0.22 A voltage 220 v -240 v
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