After a series of trials conducted on version 2.0, I took a feedback from user Girija. The data that was collected while Girija performed trials were showing that the dome dryer is working well. But as a product designer my curiosity was in user end of the Dome Dryer. In feedback, I asked Girija questions listed below and they are continued with Girija’s answers.

1. How does feels while operating dome dryer?

She was quite comfortable with the hinged opening of the dome. But she had to lift the whole level of tray by herself. the small trays were not an issue. But big trays seemed very bulky and heavy.

2. What part/process do you feel is  hectic / troublesome to operate ?

The loading and unloading process was felt very troublesome. Girija had to lift each tray and keep it away so she can load the layer below. The lifting and rearrangement of trays was a heavy job. Although she managed to operate it alone and sometimes with help, this was very uncomfortable part also this is the most crucial part for the product-user interface.

3. What changes can you suggest?

Girija suggested that one can manage to open and close dryer but the tray need to be light and small. She also suggested to backup the solar power with grid supply since in cloudy sky solar panels don’t work properly.  

The tray structure in dome dryer v2.1 is similar to the previous version. The changes this time are that each layer of the tray is divided into six sector shaped trays. this way for five layers, there are 30 trays of gradually changing sizes.

Breaking big laye into small trays addressed to major problems in previous version and alo added some advantages to the new design.

1. The trays in new design are smaller in size and can be easily handled by one person. Also tryas are made of thin 0.8 mm GI sheet, This made the trays light weight.

2. Each tray has its own place to rest and single tray can be removed for loading and unloading. This reduced efforts and made this process comfortable.

3. The main advantage this new design of tray structure added was that all tryas could be stacked together and packed easily. Fabrication is going on ahead…